Corporate Video for The King of Cans

Corporate Video
by Highline Studios
April 1, 2015

Silgan Containers hired Highline Studios to produce a corporate video which showcases the company’s history, corporate culture and their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. If you’ve ever eaten canned food in North America, the can more than likely came from Silgan Containers, the largest provider of metal food packaging in the United States. Silgan is a publicly traded company worth 3.9 billion (NASDAQ: SLGN). With 29 manufacturing facilities strategically located across the country that operate 24/7 producing billions of units. It just doesn’t get any bigger. Silgan is a heritage brand with it’s roots dating back to the Carnation can company from 1899.

We spent a week in the midwest shooting at plants in Wisconsin and Iowa. Aerial photography, steadicams, cherry-pickers, RED’s, Canons, Go Pro’s: we used it all.

View the :60 cut for social media below.

Want to see the more? Watch the full five minute corporate video.

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