About Highline Studios

About Highline Studios - a Los Angeles based Video Production Company
A bit of background

Our Story

In 2004, we opened our first office above the High Line on 23rd St. on the west side of Manhattan. At the time, the High Line was in a serious state of disrepair. The abandoned railway, only known to local residents and urban explorers was even slated for demolition at one point-  but was eventually saved by conservationists. In 2009, it was completely transformed into an above-ground park. The High Line is now one of NYC's biggest attractions.

Los Angeles video production crew

What We Do

Highline specializes in creating premium digital content, with a realistic price tag. We are a one-stop shop. Our workflow has been tried, tested, and proven. We get the bigger picture. Branding, identity, and social. This enables us to work with our clients on many different levels. We are not just gearheads and camera geeks.

Video Production Company

Some Things You Should Know About Us

We know how to make things look great on a tight budget.

We have the experience to meet intense production deadlines.

We understand branding, social media, and digital distribution.

Worldwide travel experience with complete success.

We understand branding, social media, and digital distribution.

rows of long trains in parallel lines
— Our process

How We Work


Set the Objective

We work with your team to identify what a win looks like - the target audience, timing, business goals, creative vision and other metric-driving essentials.


Tailor the team

We assemble an A-Team that fits your brief like a glove.



We set out to capture the content with a custom gear package, designed to bring your vision to life in full fidelity.



We edit, color, mix and finish your final assets in our state of the art 4K post production studio.



On time. On budget. Beyond expectations.

Get Your Mission in Motion

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