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A bit of background

Our Story

Long before it was a Manhattan tourist attraction, the High Line was just an old railroad — a gritty, raw, ribbon of aging steel suspended above Chelsea, emblematic of the neighborhood’s history as a center of industry. It’s this High Line that inspired our name.

We opened our first office above the rails on 23rd Street in 2004, and like the High Line, we’ve evolved quite a bit since then. We’ve moved to Los Angeles and have the rare advantage of understanding east coast and west coast mentalities equally well. We’ve expanded our offerings, honed our skills, grown our network of world-class creators and have seen countless projects through from kickoff to completion.

That’s enough about us, though. We want to hear more about you.

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What We Do

Simply put, we do what you often don’t have the internal bandwidth or resources to do. Said in a few more words, we’re a content-first creative production partner that can help you achieve your mission through elevated digital content centered on branding, identity and social media channels.

We’re storytellers, bringing an authentic lens to your brand and your story. But telling your story in a way that resonates requires understanding your story, which in turn requires being excellent listeners — we’ve got that in the bag.

We can help you build a library of video content that lives across all of the channels where your audience is consuming content. That probably sounds expensive, and it certainly can be. Luckily, our workflow and approach allow us to do what we do with a realistic price tag.

top rated video production company in los angeles

Some Things You Should Know About Us

We know how to make things look great on a tight budget.

We have the experience to meet intense production deadlines.

We understand branding, social media, and digital distribution.

Worldwide travel experience with complete success.

We have production offices in New York and Los Angeles.

How We Work


Set the objective

We work with your team to identify what a win looks like - the target audience, timing, business goals, creative vision and other metric-driving essentials.


Tailor the team

We assemble an A-Team that fits your brief like a glove.



We set out to capture the content with a custom gear package, designed to bring your vision to life in full fidelity.



We edit, color, mix and finish your final assets in our state of the art 4K post production studio.



On time. On budget. Beyond expectations.

Get Your Mission in Motion