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Our west coast office, located by the beach in Playa Del Rey, caters to some of the biggest brands, and most innovative companies in the world. Building on nearly twenty plus years of experience, we have a diverse roster of talent on hand for just about every occasion. We service companies like Speedo, GE, and Skanska.

Highline Studios is dedicated to delivering your video project with uncompromising quality, on time and under budget. For your next west coast video production, Highline Studios for all your video production needs in the Los Angeles area!

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LA is the nexus of film and video proudction

If you're looking for the best place to produce video content, look no further than Los Angeles. LA has it all when it comes to video production.


Los Angeles enjoys nearly year-round sunshine and a warm climate, which makes it an ideal location for outdoor filming. This consistent weather also nearly eliminates the risk of scheduling conflicts or cancellations due to inclement weather.

Diverse Locations

Los Angeles is home to a wide variety of tasty locations that can serve as backdrops for different types of video productions, from urban cityscapes to beaches, mountains, deserts, and more. Additionally, Los Angeles has many iconic landmarks that can be used as recognizable landmarks in film and TV.


Los Angeles is a hub of the film and television industry, which means it has a well-developed infrastructure to support video production. There are plenty of sound stages, rental equipment companies, 16mm film camera rental companies, and production services in the area, making it easy for us to find YOU, verything you mightneed.

Talent Pool

Los Angeles is home to many experienced and talented professionals in the film and television industry, including actors, directors, producers, and crew members. This makes it easier to find top-notch talent for video production projects.

Tax Incentives

California as well as the City of Los Angeles offer various tax incentives for film and video production, which can help reduce the cost of producing content. This makes it more attractive for companies to choose Los Angeles as a location for their video production projects.

So whatever kind of video production you're dreaming up, LA has everything you need to make it happen. Learn more about our expertise, corporate video production, brand videos, and commerials.

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