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LA is the nexus of film and video proudction

Our west coast office, located by the beach in Playa Del Rey, caters to some of the biggest brands, and most innovative companies in the world. Building on nearly twenty plus years of experience, we have a diverse roster of talent on hand for just about every occasion. We service companies like Speedo, GE, and Skanska.

Corporate Video Production

Why choose Highline Studios for your Los Angeles Video Production?

Our product is always contemporary and intelligent, sometimes sexy. High production value is our thing. We only work with the best: on our team, and on the client side. We excel at making you look great.

Los Angeles has it all when it comes to production. Why? Plain and simple. The weather and the resources... (and the food!) With its temperate climate, there’s no better place for production. Also, the incredibly diverse landscape of California: mountains, ocean, desert, and cityscapes allows us to shoot just about anything. At any time of year. Just out our back door.

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