Brand video for SUGA. Surf + Yoga = Suga

by Highline Studios
December 12, 2015

Surf + Yoga = Suga. Suga is the world's first Yoga mat made entirely from recycled wetsuits. Highline partnered with Suga to produce a brand video and some additional branded content for Kickstarter.

We headed to San Diego to shoot several scenes by the ocean, at Suga headquarters, and finally in the Yoga studio. We used a couple of camera packages, including a drone, to capture the beautiful beachscapes of San Diego.

Video production in San Diego

Our first stop was Cardiff by the sea. We launched our drone and spent the better half of the morning gathering footage of the founder catching waves. We sent the drone out, and naturally, the eye in the sky was able to get it all.

The wind and weather were ideal, and we got some great footage right off the bat. Next, we headed to the park, where we had a couple of models on hand to demonstrate some Yoga poses with the ocean as a backdrop. Lastly, we finished our day in the Yoga studio with a model. While we were there, we did some more product shots.

How did we prepare for this brand video?

In pre-production, we spent time developing our storyboards and choosing great locations. Locations are always important, and when trying to make things look appealing, you can always fall back on a good location.

Shooting with the Pacific Ocean as our backdrop

We tried to shoot as much of the video with the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop. I think our efforts paid off and delivered a round of branded content that was well-received and continues to reach the target audience.

Why is a product demo important?

Product demonstrations offer an effective way of helping consumers make a buying decision. This can also boost product appeal to broader customers and create an impression on your brand. Highline Studios works with brands to help hone their brand message, while engaging their target audience.


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