Branded Lifestyle Video Content for Speedo

by Highline Studios
February 3, 2013

This was an especially exciting job for the team at Highline. Anything in, on, around water is special, and this shoot was no exception. We started our casting in the early part of the summer, with plans to shoot on location in Southern California in September. Perhaps the best weather of the year. We had several shoot days scheduled over two distinct locations. Big bear lake for a high alpine recreational look and feel, along with Crystal Cove for some beach vibes.


Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake was a really great location: a ton of of bang for your buck. The beautiful lake, surrounded by mountains is a perfect backdrop for lifestyle content, especially in late September. We spent the day shooting different lifestyle scenarios. We had a four actors playing a family, and do some really beautiful slo-motion shots of the family playing and splashing about in Speed gear. Next up we had three kids fishing, adults paddle boarding, and finally some old school cliff jumping.

Crystal Cove

Crystal Cove State Park looks like an untouched southern California seaside town from the 1950's. The park is nearly 3,000 acres with 12 of those coastal. Here you'll find a bunch twenty one cottages that are availabel to the public for overnigiht rental. There's also an idylic beachside cafe. We spent the day here capturing our models in Speedo gear catching waves, playing beach volley ball, and long boarding through the little historic district. This place is incredible for photographic backdrops. During magic hour, we headed out to the tide pools which were now accessible at low tide and got some great product shots.

This was a super demanding shoot: long days, sun scorched locations, in and out of the water - very little down time. But in the end, we came away with a bevy of fantastic footage for Speedo to use throughout their campaign.

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