Point of Sale Video Speedo with Olympic Gold Medalist Summer Sanders

by Highline Studios
January 18, 2013

HS completed several projects for Speedo this past year: branded content, a point-of-sale video (w/ Olympic Gold Medalist Summer Sanders) and a few lifestyle spots for the web.

Point of Sale, Video Production

We spent the day on location at Los Angeles Southwest College, where they have an Olympic size pool and aquatic training facility.

LASC Olympic pool

The first part of the shoot was dedicated to her interview to get the sound bites from Summer Sanders to complete the storyline/arc. We lit her up nicely with powerful daylight sources, with lots of diffusion to keep her skin soft. Summer was very relaxed, and nailed her lines with ease. Once we had her interview in the can, we moved onto the water portion of the shoot. We used RED cameras for their slo motion to capture her swimming, along with GoPros on the bottom of the pool for a different perspective. She is a true professional - both in the water and in front of the camera and thanks to her super cool vibe, the shoot was not only a huge success, but tons of fun as well. Kiosks with the video installed played in retail stores across the country. Speedo was overall very please with the result. 


Los Angeles Video Production
Red Digital Cinema Camera
Underwater Cinematography
Sales Video

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