Weldpro 360

Product Demo

Company Overview 

Andersen industries has been in the fabrication business since 1966. Originally a welding repair shop, the family business has branched out into various silos of metal fabrication. Today they are known as one of the best metal fabricators of precision metal products in Southern California. Their business has expanded to include the manufacturing of specialty welding equipment, and heavy duty trailers for specialized hauling application.

Project Description

Andersen Industries needed a promotional video to showcase their latest invention, the Weldpro 360 LWR. The Weldpro makes significant gains in welding productivitiy through the elimination of wasted motion, time and shop floor clutter. The Weldpro uses a double articulated joint arrangement that connects the primary and scondary arms. It is this double-articulated joint which allows the pendat to fold back toward the base, eliminating nay elding dead zones common to other designs. I.e. less lugging, more welding!

Services Provided 

  • Creative concept development
  • Video production: producing, directing, video editing
  • Storyboarding
  • Drone photography
  • Location scouting

Our Concept and Approach

When we first met with the founders of Andersen Industries, they had explained they were having a tough time trying to capture their new invention with video. The size and reach of the WeldPro 360 presents a bit of a challenge visually. Our team rode out to their facilities in Victorville, CA to location scout, and view the 360 Weldpro in person. We spent the day there seeing the Weldpro in action. The facitily was huge, impressive and very clean. The main building was like a bee hive, a buzz of activity, welders raining sparks in pretty much every direction you looked. Eye candy everywhere. We knew we needed some big lighting sources, as well as some really wide angle lenses to capture the Weldpro working in this space.

After the location scout, we worked closely with the owners to develop a shot list that would adequately convey the capabilities and selling points of the Weldpro 360. On the day of production, we kept our lighting package simple, yet powerful. We used to Arri 12/18k HMI fresnels to light up the space. Andersen provided us with workers to photograph, and overall the welders were friendly, and motivated to give us what we needed. We used a small DJI drone to capture aerials and the WeldPro from above. The edit was quick and seamless, and Andersen was super happy with the final product. They are curerntly using it for web, sales, and tradeshows.

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