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Company Overview 

Tutor Perini Corporation is a renowned construction company that has been shaping skylines and building infrastructure projects for over a century. With a rich history and a diverse portfolio, Tutor Perini has established itself as a leading general contractor and construction management firm in the United States.

Tutor Perini has successfully executed numerous projects across various sectors, including transportation, healthcare, education, commercial, hospitality, and government. Their portfolio features iconic structures, such as bridges, highways, airports, hospitals, stadiums, hotels, and educational facilities.

Project Description

Tutor Perini wanted to create a short showcase video, a commercial highlights reel that showcased projects of varying sizes and complexities across the United States.

Services Provided 

  • Creative concept development
  • Video production: producing, directing, video editing
  • Mood Boards
  • Storyboarding
  • Music score
  • Location scouting
  • Production design

Our Concept and Approach

Highline has done a lot of video production for construction companies in the past, and we love this genre, but these locations were gargantuan. During our pitch phase, we met with the CEO Ron Tutor to discuss the approach that we would take. Ron is a visionary, and a very hands on CEO. He's also an no nonsense type. I was amazed at how well he knew each and every one of these construction projects from the inside out. We all agreed that we would need tons of aerial coverage including drone and helicopter. It was equally important to have cameras on the ground to capture the faces of Tutor Perini including the engineers, architects, project managers, and skilled laborers.

Projects that we documented included:

California High-speed Rail Project $1.4 billion
Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement (SR99) $1.4 billion
San Francisco Central Subway - Extension to Chinatown $840 million
Hudson Rail Yard Platform $680 million
McCarren International Airport $1.2 billion
Las Vegas City Center mega development $6.4 billion
Paris Las Vegas $544 million guaranteed price
Encore at Wynn $1.4 billion guarantee price

Each project presented its own challenges. Often we were covering huge distances, on foot with a with a micro crew, in near freezing temperatures. In Seattle, we walked for miles underground on the SR99, capturing all the action. In San Francisco, we were down a couple hundred feet beneath the street level, documenting the excavation operation of the subway tunnels. We captured the boring machine in action. It felt like a scene out of Total Recall. New York was underground as well as we walked portion of the new East Side Access Long Island Railroad which extends the line from Queens, underneath the East River to Grand Central station.

Perhaps the highlight of this project was getting to use the helicopter for the Vegas portion. We had a long list of targets to capture, and using a drone would have taken days if not weeks, especially when you factor in the permitting. Ron was adamant about getting these projects with the highest quality film and video equipment. We used a RED 6k Monstro, attached to a Cineflex CSS gimbal. The results are buttery smooth aerials that wow the audience. This project took several weeks of principle shooting. In the end, Ron and his team were super happy with the finished product and continue to use the piece for advertising and marketing.

Highline specializes in video production for construction companies. Our team has extensive history of documenting large scale infrastructure projects all over the world. Please get in touch to discuss your next video.

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