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311 / Red Light Management

311 is an American rock band formed in 1988 in Omaha, Nebraska. The band consists of five members: Nick Hexum (vocals and guitar), SA Martinez (vocals and turntables), Tim Mahoney (guitar), P-Nut (bass), and Chad Sexton (drums). They are known for blending various genres, including alternative rock, reggae, funk, rap, and metal, creating their unique and eclectic sound.

Project Description

311's management contacted Highline Studios for a tour promo. They decided they wanted fresh footage, and picked the Palladium concert for us to shoot.

Services Provided 

  • Video production: producing, directing, audio recording
  • On-location services
  • Documentary production

Our Concept and Approach

When Red Light calls, Highline answers. Red Light Management needed a fresh live broadcast spot to promote 311's upcoming North American tour. The band played to a rowdy, sold out crowd at the iconic Hollywood Palladium.

The Hollywood Palladium is widely regarded as a great venue for a number of reasons. Built in 1940, the Palladium has a distinctive art deco design that has been preserved through several renovations. Many people appreciate the historic character of the building, as well as its grandeur and unique aesthetic. The venue has a capacity of around 4,000 people, which is large enough to accommodate big-name acts but still intimate enough to provide a more personal concert experience. The venue is also known for its great acoustics, which can make for an excellent live music experience.The venue also has a great atmosphere, with a spacious dance floor and plenty of bars and seating areas.

Matisyahu was the opening act and came back on stage for a number with 311 later in the show. We utilized a micro crew with a broad selection of cameras to catch all the tasty angles, from on stage to in the crowd to up above looking down from the above. The circular shape of the venue really added to the production. When shooting on stage, and in front of speaker cabs, make sure you've got your ear plugs in! Avoid the mosh pit at all costs! The band was tight and the show was stupendous!

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