Carnevil, Clift Halloween Party, San Francisco

by Highline Studios
November 19, 2014

This might come as a surprise, but Halloween is a big deal in San Francisco. The Bay Area takes it very seriously, verging on the fanatical. For the past few years, Highline has produced the video for Clift’s legendary Halloween party. One of the flagship properties of Morgans Hotel Group, Clift is home to the famous and historic Redwood Room bar where the party takes place. The decor is a fusion of historic, elegant spaces and modern design by Philippe Starck making it a gorgeous location to shoot any production. Miguel Migs spinning helps too.

Of course, for the Halloween party, things transform somewhat as they get fully decked out with outrageous production design, lighting and entertainers fitting the theme each year. This year’s party theme was ‘CARNEVIL’ - a creepy, evil, carney party. And we all know how scary a clown can be. That’s not to say there wasn’t a lot of sexy, elaborately costumed partygoers- just check out the lobster lady! Keeping the crowd on the dance floor until late into the night were DJs Miguel Migs and Chris Clouse. A good time was had by all and for your viewing pleasure, here is the proof:


Clift Hotel Halloween Party
Miguel Migs
San Francisco

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